4 Tips to Find Your Raleigh, NC Plastic Surgeon

Choosing a plastic surgeon for any procedure, whether major or “minor”, is never a decision that should be taken lightly. There’s really no such thing as a minor procedure, because all procedures come with a level of challenge and risk. The plastic surgeon you decide to work with for any procedure should be highly trained, experienced, trustworthy, and operate according to a high standard of ethics. It can be difficult, though, for a potential patient to know what to look for in a surgeon if she or he has no prior experience with plastic surgery or doesn’t know anyone who has. The vast array of choices in the Raleigh area also makes narrowing down the search a little confusing. Not all surgeons are created equally, and just because someone is a doctor, doesn’t mean they’re trustworthy. You want to make sure you’re in good hands before moving forward, because plastic surgery isn’t something you can ever fully take back. If you’re looking for a reliable Raleigh, NC plastic surgeon, we at Zannis Plastic Surgery have four quick tips for what to look for to help you hone in on reputable options.

Board Certification

While this should be obvious, it’s not something everyone initially thinks about, especially if they’re inexperienced with the realm of plastic surgery. A board certification should be your first stop in your search. If the plastic surgeon you’re considering doesn’t have this, cut ties right then and there. Any reputable plastic surgeon will be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. You can find out if a surgeon is certified by visiting the American Board of Medical Specialties website. This certification guarantees that the surgeon has completed three to five years of training in general surgery and at least two years of training in plastic surgery. It also means they’ve passed written and oral tests and that they continue required ongoing professional study.

A Clean Record

Records must be kept of each surgeon, and you’d be wise to view the record of your surgeon before any procedure begins. Look for whether the surgeon in question has had any malpractice judgments or disciplinary actions. Investigate any and all red flags. You can easily find a surgeon’s record by viewing the information provided by the surgeon’s state here.

A Question-Friendly Surgeon

Any good surgeon will welcome your questions, and you should have a lot of questions regardless of your procedure. Come armed with a list of logical inquiries and don’t leave a consultation without getting solid answers. Ask things like whether or not the surgeon has hospital privileges and how often he or she performs the procedure you’re interested in getting. The surgeon should perform the procedure at least once a week. You can find a list of wise questions here.

A Balanced Approach

If a plastic surgeon recommends lumping several procedures into one bundle, be wary. When you start combining multiple procedures, the risk for complication increases. You should be in charge of what procedures you get and when. Your surgeon shouldn’t be attempting to sell you on multiple surgeries. If he or she is, this is a sign that the surgeon prioritizes payment over ethics.


Ultimately, the two keys to finding the right plastic surgeon for you are doing your research and following your gut. Review the resources above, ask around for opinions, get all your questions answered before agreeing to anything, and don’t underestimate the power of your intuition in the decision-making process. At Zannis Plastic Surgery, we abide by the highest ethics and are happy to consult with you on any plastic surgery procedure. For questions, please call us at 1-800-985-8214.