Breast Lift – Mastopexy Options New Bern

Many women experience sagging breasts as a result of factors like breastfeeding, gravity, and the aging process. To rejuvenate the breasts and make them perkier, there’s no better procedure than the breast lift.

Also known as a mastopexy, the breast lift can be performed in several ways to address various degrees of breast sagging. Some patients only require the periareolar incision, two concentric circles around each areola. A single circle with a vertical line down the breast fold is better for dealing with more sagging. With the most dramatic sagging, this incision is augmented with a horizontal curved line at the breast fold.

Dr. John Zannis is an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon serving the New Bern area. To arrange a consultation with Dr. Zannis to discuss the breast lift procedure in greater detail, contact our office today.