Can you instantly reduce wrinkles with a cream?

Yes, you really can. When I set out to creat a new, innovative skin care product, this was my primary goal. I had seen lots of products claim instant wrinkle reduction, but with very little actual results.

Although there are many enormous benefits to using a great moisturizing cream like my Renaissance, the immediate wrinkle reduction (seen within 7 minutes) is surely the most impressive. It’s not a fountain of youth, but pretty darn close.

So, how is it done? I’ll tell you the 2 key secret ingredients (without disclosing the exact way it is formulated and utilized in our product — after all, that’s the secret to our success!)

1. Extreme moisturization, without greasiness. Many of the botanical ingredients in Renaissance contribute to moisturization of the skin. Topical Hyaluronic acid (like the ingredient in fillers such as Juvederm) attracts water and plumps up the skin cells.

2. Topical BOTOX. Not exactly Botox, but the same type of neuropeptide that is delivered topically to reduce the squeezing action of wrinkle-forming muscles.

Give it atry and find out why Rinnova Skincare is one of the fastest-growing skincare lines today. Our patients are walking proof!