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Reduction Mammaplasty – New Bern Incision Options

Oversized breasts may be reduced in size and weight with the help of reduction mammaplasty, also known as a breast reduction. A patient may have several incision options when it comes to their reduction mammaplasty surgery. Some patients benefit most from the anchor incision, also known as the inverted-T incision. This pattern consists of a […]

Nasal Surgery – Open Incision Technique New Bern

Nasal surgery is a precise art that can be performed using a variety of surgical techniques. Each of these methods is unique and, in the right situation, incredibly effective. One technique option that may be discussed during your consultation is the open incision technique. The open incision method involves incisions on the outside of the […]

CoolSculpting – New Bern Body Contouring

CoolSculpting New Bern

Excess body fat is a common issue, and it isn’t always easy to get rid of it with dieting and exercise regimens. CoolSculpting is a non-invasive method of saying goodbye to troublesome fatty tissue. Unlike liposuction, this procedure requires no downtime whatsoever. Whether you have excess fat on your arms, hips, outer or inner thighs, […]

Chin Implant – Incision Location Options New Bern

Chin Implant New Bern

The chin implant procedure is a surgical technique used to enhance the chin and give better balance to the facial features. If you have ever been told that you have a “weak chin,” this may be the right procedure for you. When performing a chin implant operation, your plastic surgeon will need to create an […]

Liposuction – New Bern Body-Contouring Treatment

Liposuction New Bern

Feel like you have some stubborn excess fat? Liposuction surgery is a body-contouring treatment used to remove fat cells from one or more parts of the body. This procedure can be effective for giving patients a slim, fit appearance. While most plastic surgery procedures are targeted towards one specific area of the body, liposuction is […]

Have You Considered Eyelid Surgery?

Has anyone asked you lately – are you OK? You look tired… BUT you feel fine?!  This is the classic question for the patient who is nearing the time for eyelid surgery. Eyelid surgery will freshen up the eye area, making you appear more rested, alert and even happy!  And believe me, you will be HAPPY […]

What Kind of Lipo is the Best? SAFELipo is a Great New Way to Produce Amazing and Natural Results

There is a plethora of liposuction techniques being promoted all across the country. They all have the same fundamental principle at their core: remove unwanted fat by sucking it out.However, the exact method and instrumentation by which this is done is very different.SmartLipo uses laser assistance.Vaser uses ultrasound assistance.Coolsculpting (not an actual liposuction technique) uses […]

What Makes a Plastic Surgery Breast Expert?

These days, everywhere you look someone is claiming to be an expert regarding some area of plastic surgery. Some of those experts are legitimate. Others aren’t even true plastic surgeons. When evaluating a potential surgeon, there are a few things to keep in mind. I’m going to review those and then discuss what makes a […]

Summer is here!

Most of you here in Eastern North Carolina have realized that summer is here. Everyone always starts talking about wearing sunscreen this time of year. It gets a little bit annoying, and I must admit that I often forget to wear it myself. However, protecting your skin from the sun is CRUCIAL. Yes, harmful UV […]

Brazilian Butt Lift

We have had lots of interest in the Brazilian Butt Lift. This is a procedure which actually should be called buttock augmentation. We use fat taken from your own body (usually abdomen and thighs) and prepare it in a special way that removes fluid and makes it acceptable for injection. By injecting this fat into […]

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