Rhinoplasty – Nose-Reshaping Procedures New Bern

The nose is often considered to be the focal point of the face, the feature that contributes most to a positive or negative first impression. Many people are unsatisfied with the shape of their nose, or sometimes its functionality. Often, these people opt for a rhinoplasty procedure.

Rhinoplasty, popularly known as a nose job, is a type of surgery used to correct cosmetic and/or functional issues affecting a patient’s nose. This typically involves the reshaping of the internal or external nasal architecture through alteration of soft tissue, cartilage, or bone. Sometimes, grafts are used to bolster certain areas.

Contact our office today to schedule a rhinoplasty consultation. At a consultation, you’ll be able to discuss your aesthetic goals with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John Zannis. Dr. Zannis will perform a nasal evaluation and recommend the optimal course of action.