Laser Tattoo Removal Facts

Have an old lover’s name you no longer want to be displayed permanently on your skin? Maybe you got an amateur tattoo that is no longer recognizable? Are the lines so blown out on your latest addition that you’ve become unhappy with the result? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then laser tattoo removal may be an option you want to consider, but before you spend your hard-earned money on a permanent decision make sure you’ve got your facts straight first.

We’ve put together this short list of the 3 biggest laser tattoo removal myths to help separate fact from fiction and debunk some of the common misconceptions people have about getting tattoos removed by a professional.

Laser Tattoo Removal Myths

1) Laser Tattoo Removal Leaves Scars

The chance that laser removal causes scarring on your skin is extremely low. Contrary to popular belief, the lasers used in these procedures don’t actually target your skin at all; rather they focus on projecting micro-pulses of laser light into the tattoo, breaking up the ink particles and letting your body break them down and flush them out naturally.

2) Laser Tattoo Removal Is Unsafe & Causes Skin Damage

As long as the procedure is being conducted by a licensed professional such as Dr. Zannis, then you can rest easy knowing that any device used in the procedure has been FDA regulated and certified for safe use. Unlike what is shown in the movies, the lasers used in these types of procedures don’t burn the skin in any way or penetrate further than the top of the second layer of skin known as the dermis.

3) Laser Tattoo Removal Takes A Long Time

While this may have been true in the past, laser technology has advanced tremendously in the last few years, allowing shorter sessions and a reduced number of required treatments as a whole. While the exact number of sessions will largely depend on the size and coloration of the tattoo, the time it takes to complete the entire process is significantly lower in comparison to what it used to be.

Tattoo Removal Services in North Carolina

If you’re considering having a tattoo removed, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with us to take advantage of our tattoo removal services. We’ll be happy to talk with you in further detail to see if laser removal is right for you and discuss our other methods of tattoo removal with you as well.