Think About Laser Hair Removal with the Warmer Weather

One of the many wonderful things about laser hair removal, besides taking the nuisance out of having to shave every day, is that it also decreases the amount of hair that grows in after treatment, effectively making your hair woes smaller and smaller. And laser hair removal is more than a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure. It also works for parts of the body with unwanted hairs, from the chest, arms, and legs to armpits, feet, and upper lips.

Procedures are painless, come with minimal downtime, and they can save you money and time spent on shaving and pesky expensive razors in the long run.

Be Careful Getting It Done In the Summer Months

The procedure tends to be most popular during the summer months. As the season changes and the weather warms up, your first thoughts are probably images of summer shorts and hitting the water. For those ready to leap into a warm pool or lay out on the beach with some smooth, hairless skin, laser hair removal is the most popular option. However, while lasering off that winter coat might be painless and convenient, there is a lot of to consider, especially the time of year you get the procedure done.

If you’re already out in the sun and plan on doing so after a laser hair removal procedure, think again. Exposure to the sun can affect the pigment of your skin and cause discoloration, and this counts for both leading up to and following your laser hair removal procedure. This includes tanning beds and tanning lotions. To get the best result, avoid doing or exposing your treated skin to anything that isn’t hydrating lotion or sunscreen to help with exposure.

The best candidates for laser hair removal while still being exposed to the sun are actually those with fairer skin types and dark hair. Conversely, gray and blonde hairs respond the least to laser hair removal since there is not enough pigment around the follicle area.

Other Important Things to Consider

The process of laser hair removal requires multiple procedures because it only affects actively growing hairs, and not all hairs grow at the same rate. To have your procedure 100% bikini ready, you’ll want to start a couple of months before swimsuit season to make sure you’re completely ready to be out in the sun. Unlike waxing, you will also need to shave before coming in so that the laser can treat the follicle area with ease.

Slight redness and swelling are also common around the treated area. And sunscreen? Don’t even think of going outside without it!

Trust the Experts at the Zannis Center for Plastic Surgery

Make a splash when you hit the beach this summer feeling happy and carefree in your body thanks to a quality and professional laser hair removal procedure. The experienced doctors at the Zannis Center for Plastic Surgery in New Bern, North Carolina offer a wonderful experience with prices ranging depending on your hair removal needs. Get in touch with one of their friendly staff members to learn more about the process and how it can work for you!