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Category Archives: Plastic Surgery

What to Expect from Our Fly-In Program

Here at The Zannis Center for Plastic Surgery, we believe that beauty shouldn’t be limited by geography. If you live in a different state or country and are interested in having work done by Dr. Zannis, we will be happy to accommodate you via our fly-in program. Keep reading to learn what you should expect […]

Getting the Most Out of Your Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a major decision, and it frequently comes with a lot of recovery time. You’re swollen, bruised, and definitely exhausted. That’s why it’s crucial that you give yourself the proper amount of rest and personal care so you can get the best possible results. Your surgeon’s done their hard work. Now it’s your […]

Why Winter is the Best Time for Cosmetic Surgery

If you’re thinking about making some changes to your body, you may want to have cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgery can allow you to reach your body goals and feel more comfortable with your overall appearance. Zannis Plastic Surgery helps individuals change their lives for the better with their many surgery offerings. Our staff is ready […]

There Are More Reasons Than Beach Season to Look Great

There’s nothing like the thought of being on a beach on a warm summer day by the waves to get most people excited about summer. But if you aren’t happy with the way your body looks, the thought of going out to the beach can be an intimidating one. That’s the line of thought that […]

Why Men Can Benefit from Plastic Surgery

If you’re thinking about enhancing your appearance, plastic surgery is a great option to help boost your confidence and make you feel great about yourself. Plastic surgery is a process that lets person can change the look of their face or body through a variety surgeries. Unfortunately, there is a stereotype that plastic surgery is […]

Facial Plastic Surgery Options

The Zannis Center for Plastic Surgery provides a wide range of plastic surgery options for those in the Wilmington, NC area. Due to the city’s high exposure to sun and nearby beaches you just can’t help but lounge on summer after summer, many people find their faces changing a little more quickly than they had […]

4 Tips to Find Your Raleigh, NC Plastic Surgeon

Choosing a plastic surgeon for any procedure, whether major or “minor”, is never a decision that should be taken lightly. There’s really no such thing as a minor procedure, because all procedures come with a level of challenge and risk. The plastic surgeon you decide to work with for any procedure should be highly trained, […]

Gluteal Enhancement – Brazilian Butt Lift New Bern

Gluteal Enhancement New Bern

Looking for a gluteal enhancement procedure? With a Brazilian butt lift, we’re able to plump and augment a person’s buttocks through the use of autologous fat cells. Autologous material is material harvested from a person’s body to be used in a procedure for that same person. This type of material is much more natural than […]

Thighplasty – New Bern Thigh-Contouring Surgery

Thighplasty New Bern

When your thighs look out of shape and saggy, you feel self-conscious about showing them off and wearing the clothing you want to wear. Thighplasty, also known as a thigh lift, is an effective solution that offers fit, sculpted thighs. Why do some people develop excess drooping skin on the thighs? A thighplasty procedure is […]

Why Do Some Women Have Smaller Breasts?

Breast Implants New Bern

Why do some women have smaller breasts and others a larger bustline? Many women experience a lesser degree of breast development during puberty as a result of genetics.  During puberty, fat cells accumulate in the breasts due to the release of estrogen hormones. When there is more testosterone in the body, fewer fat cells will […]

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