Breast Implant Removal

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Breast Implant Removal, Dr. Zannis, New Bern, NC

Getting breast implants often changes a person’s life for the better. However, there is a lot of misinformation out there that can cause people to suspect their breast implants have made them ill with diseases like lupus, scleroderma, sclerosis, and Sjorgren’s syndrome.

While rare health complications can happen, just as they can with any other medical procedure, there are no medical or scientific studies that clearly demonstrate a connection between breast implants (neither saline nor silicone) and the above-mentioned conditions or other symptoms sometimes referred to as “Breast Implant Illness.”

These include generalized pain, fatigue, chronic headaches, brain fog.

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Removing Breast Implants

If you wish to have your breast implants removed for any reason, we can help. Sometimes with breast explant surgery, only the implants are removed and the incision closed. This is the simplest procedure with the quickest recovery.

Women often choose to combine an implant removal with a mastopexy or breast lift procedure to improve the shape of their breasts.

We can also remove the implants and the surrounding capsule. This can be done for many reasons, one of which is a capsular contracture or thickening/hardening of the capsule.

An en bloc removal with capsulectomy means that the implant and capsule are attempted to be removed as a single unit to avoid spillage of ruptured implant material. This is always preferable if possible, but often the capsule tears or is too thin for en-bloc resection and is therefore removed in pieces.

After implant removal, the cavity or pocket is irrigated with an antibiotic solution and then cauterized to eliminate any residual capsule and improve tissue adherence.

If you need a North Carolina breast implant removal or are coming from out-of-state, Dr. Zannis can help you.