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Kybella is a revolutionary procedure designed to help address fat cells located underneath the chin now being offered by Dr. Zannis. This procedure is changing the way people everywhere handle excess chin fat, offering a suitable alternative to plastic surgery for both men and women.


Kybella is the only FDA-approved injectable treatment geared toward destroying excess fat located underneath the chin. With the active ingredient of synthetic deoxycholic acid, this naturally occurring molecule helps with the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat. When injected into the area beneath the chin, noticeable reductions in the amount of fat and fullness appear. Once addressed, these cells can no longer accumulate fat in the future. In other words, visiting our office for this procedure could offer a long-term remedy for those who have an issue with excess fat in the chin area.

Ideal Candidate

The best candidates for Kybella injections can relate to one or more of the following:

  • You have recently lost weight but maintain fullness in your face.
  • You suffer from embarrassment due to excess fat in your chin area — also known as “submental fullness.”
  • You are not interested in plastic surgery to fix this issue.
  • You feel the extra fullness in your face makes you look heavier than you really are.
  • Despite an excellent diet and exercise regimen, you maintain unwanted fullness in your chin area.


If you decide to try Kybella injections, here is what to expect when you visit the office:

Before starting the procedure, a professional from our team will examine the area to determine whether you are a suitable candidate. Once you have been accepted, our team will decide the specific treatment needed to help your trouble area and create a treatment plan. From there, you will attend several appointments with Dr. Zannis, each taking 15-20 minutes and involving multiple injections until your treatment is complete.

At Zannis Plastic Surgery, your satisfaction is our top goal. This procedure offers a quick and inexpensive way to solve issues with carrying excess fat in the chin area so you can get back to living your happiest life. Contact us if you do not favor plastic surgery but still want a quick fix to this issue, and one of our experts will be back in touch with you shortly.