Tattoo Removal

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Do you ever wish you could reach back in time and convince yourself not to get that tattoo? The Zannis Center for Plastic Surgery can help! We have several ways to remove a tattoo, including lasers that can remove all colors (even green). We frequently treat patients with all types of tattoos on every part of the body. If you would like a tattoo faded or permanently removed with minimal scarring, come see us to discuss your treatment options. Most of the time the procedure can be done the same day! Whether you live here in the New Bern, NC area or travel from Jacksonville, Havelock, or Morehead City, Zannis is your ideal tattoo removal specialist.

Major Types of Tattoo Removal

At Zannis, we offer three major treatment methods for tattoo removal, depending upon the patient’s skin and the size, coloration, age, and nature of their tattoo. We’ll use a personal consultation to guide you through the options and help you select the ideal technique for your tattoo removal treatment, but will have at least one method for 100% complete tattoo removal.

1. Laser Tattoo Removal

Advanced precision laser technology is a proven technique for fading and virtually eliminating the appearance of many types of tattoos. Targeted laser lights help break down tattoo pigments, allowing the body’s natural immune system response to process the ink and remove it from the skin. Laser treatments often require multiple sessions (average 5-6) over the course of many weeks, so it’s not a fast option, but it is relatively non-invasive and a great choice for most tattoos. Only our Cartessa Discovery Pico tattoo removal laser offers three wavelengths and pico/nanotechnology for removal of ALL ink colors on ALL skin types. See below for more information on Discovery Pico technology.

2. Dermabrasion

Dermabrasion is a very deep form of skin exfoliation using a high-speed brush or wheel to remove layers of the skin until the tattoo ink-stained layers are reached and can be removed. Dermabrasion is best for small tattoos without complex colors or shading. Because it can result in skin rawness and scarring in some cases, we may not recommend dermabrasion for larger tattoos or in highly visible areas of the body.

3. Full Excision

Tattoo excision is the full, surgical removal of tattooed skin. This is a precise method that offers 100% complete removal of tattoo ink from the skin using a precision scalpel. This is the most invasive but also the quickest tattoo removal technique, but it is not possible for larger tattoos.

Tattoo Removal New Bern, NC
Tattoo Removal New Bern, NC
Tattoo Removal New Bern, NC
Tattoo Removal New Bern, NC

About Discovery Pico Series

Tattoo Removal New Bern, NC

The Discovery Pico is the most powerful and efficient tattoo laser on the market which can treat all tattoo colors on all skin types. It is also effective for melasma and dark sun spots, and it is safe to use on all skin types because it can improve the targeted area without harming any surrounding tissue.

In fact, a picosend laser provides amazing results in so much more than just tattoo removal. If you have hyperpigmentation in areas on your face that you are looking to remove without risking further damage to your skin, a procedure with this innovative new laser technology can be exactly what you need. Plus, with faster recovery times than other traditional lasers can provide, you’ll be back to living your life without days of required downtime.

Ideal Candidate

You are a good candidate for treatment from this device if you:

  • Have fine lines or wrinkles, acne scars, age spots, or excess hair that you’re looking to minimize
  • Do not want to undergo plastic surgery
  • Have a tattoo you want to have removed but aren’t sure of how other methods will work
  • Don’t want the downtime that comes after most traditional plastic surgery procedures
Tattoo RemovalSingle Treatment# of Recommended TreatmentsTotal Treatment Package
Tattoo Removal, small$1508$1,080
Tattoo Removal, medium$2508$1,980
Tattoo Removal, large$3508$2,520
Pigment & Skin RenewalSingle Treatment# of Recommended TreatmentsTotal Treatment Package
Pigmentation, small$1003$270
Tattoo Removal, medium$2003$540
Tattoo Removal, large$4003$1,080
Scar treatment$4003$1,080

A Total Treatment Package includes a 10% discount and is paid for in it’s entirety up front.