Rinnova Skincare™

Conveniently located to serve the areas of New Bern, NC

Dr. Zannis began his quest for the ultimate wrinkle cream several years ago.  After trial and error, intense research, and working with the best skincare chemists in the world, Rinnova Skincare was born.

Specifically, the Renaissance Day/Night Cream is a proprietary formula of all-natural botanicals and hydropeptides that are designed to instantly erase wrinkles (through hydration) and restore your skin’s lifecycle to a younger state.  The antioxidant properties protect it from further damage due to the aging process and sun exposure.

Wrinkles caused by chronically dehydrated and sun-damaged skin are instantly improved (within 1 hr) by at least 7% according to clinical studies.

Never before has a simple face cream to be applied twice a day revolutionized the science and practice of anti-aging skincare like Rinnova has. Celebrities are amazed at the efficacy of the ingredients used in our Renaissance face cream and Dr. Oz featured the key ingredient (proprietary biosphere) as a miracle cure for wrinkles.

About Rinnova Skincare®

Renaissance – Rejuvenating Day/Night Moisturizer:  Clinically-proven anti-aging moisturizer made from a formula of all-natural botanicals that are soft and non-greasy.  Suitable for men and women of all skin types. Benefits: Immediate hydration will instantly reduce wrinkles while other active ingredients like hydropeptides and antioxidants rejuvenate and protect your skin from further damage.

Limu – Foaming Cleansing Gel:  Luxurious deep cleansing foaming gel excellent for all facial skin types.  Use daily to remove surface debris and makeup – can also be used as a shaving gel. 6.7 oz. airless pump.  Benefits: Two natural ingredients – marine algae and aloe vera – gel create a gentle but effective cleanser with no oils or harsh ingredients.  Studies have shown a significant increase in skin flexibility and hydration with this combination.

Bramasole – Total Protection SPF 30:  Silky smooth, non-greasy everyday sunscreen.  Great for application after face cream. Active Ingredient:  Titanium Dioxide 8.2%


The team here at the Zannis Center for Plastic Surgery proudly offers Rinnova Skincare products to patients throughout the New Bern, NC area. You can also order your products for home delivery by clicking below or visiting Rinnova Skincare website.