Coolsculpting Treatment – New Bern Non-surgical

When we look in the mirror and notice that we’ve gained weight, it’s not a pleasant feeling. CoolSculpting will cause these extra inches to disappear. Are you interested in experiencing the transformative effects of a CoolSculpting treatment?

Unlike traditional liposuction, a CoolSculpting treatment is completely non-invasive and non-surgical. No scalpels will be needed as we sculpt away the patient’s excess fatty tissue. Instead, cooling energy is directed towards the target areas to painlessly and safely freeze the fat cells.

Because of this, not sutures will be needed afterwards, and patients will not need to experience any downtime; instead, they are able to continue their typical everyday schedules without missing a step.

Dr. John Zannis, an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon, regularly provides this unique body-contouring procedure. To set up a CoolSculpting treatment consultation, contact us today.

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