Enhance Your Self-confidence With A Gynecomastia Reduction

As common as it may be to plastic surgeons, most people are surprised when they learn that gynecomastia affects up to half of the male population. Gynecomastia refers to the enlargement of male breasts which can occur for any number of reasons, and particularly in men who have lower-than-normal levels of testosterone coupled with higher levels of estrogen. Some of the factors that many physicians consider to be responsible for this change are certain prescription drugs like anabolic steroids that contain estrogen, as well as recreational drugs like marijuana or even alcohol, both of which have been known to reduce testosterone levels in men. However, many cases are idiopathic, meaning that they occur during puberty for no known reason. 

Since gynecomastia is essentially the swelling and overaccumulation of glandular tissue in men, it is not uncommon for this area to feel tender or generally uncomfortable. Additionally, this issue can have a massive impact on an individual’s emotional and mental well-being, as most patients often experience struggles with their self-confidence and body image.

Experience The Positive Lasting Effects Of A Male Breast Reduction 

Though the claim that exercise can help with reducing the appearance of gynecomastia is often made, the sure-fire way to eliminate it is through a male breast reduction procedure. At the Zannis Center For Plastic Surgery, we often use either liposuction, traditional removal methods that include cutting out the excess tissue, or a combination of both to give you the best results. With either technique used for your procedure, there will be some recovery time, including a period of 3-6 weeks where you will wear an elastic pressure garment. You’ll also want to stay out of the sun for at least 6 months to avoid exposing your incisions.

Besides some temporary numbness or lack of sensation in the area, the effects of male breast reduction procedures are positive and long-lasting. The many patients we have helped in the past come out of their surgery feeling better and more confident with their newly firm and flattened chest. As one of the leading plastic surgeons in the country, Dr. Zannis is well-versed in these procedures and ready to continue helping patients reach their utmost potential. 

Check out our before-and-after gallery of male breast reductions to see the amazing results we’ve been able to produce, or schedule your free virtual consultation today with Dr. Zannis.

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