Improve Your Skin’s Appearance With A Medical Peel

Over time, it’s only natural that your skin’s appearance will start to gradually change. From sun damage and environmental factors to age, wrinkles, fine lines, and uneven skin tones often become more noticeable as we grow older. Though certain skincare products like moisturizers and exfoliators can help keep your skin hydrated and clean, many patients see their best results after opting for a medical peel treatment.

At Zannis Plastic Surgery, we offer a few types of medical peels that can do wonders to make your skin look more youthful and bright. Though the main premise of each of them is that they remove the top layers of skin that mostly consist of dead skin cells, they are all a bit different in what they entail.

Types Of Medical Chemical Peels Offered In Our New Bern, NC Office

The type of medical peel used during your appointment will depend on a variety of factors including your skin’s health and your unique facial needs, as each has different strengths and, therefore, different results.

  • Glycolic medical peels are the most gentle option, and these can be applied weekly to achieve your desired result.
  • TCA peels are a bit stronger and work well for patients who want a balanced facial treatment.
  • Phenol peels are the strongest peels that are typically reserved for those who have experienced intense sun exposure and, as a result, have deep wrinkles and sun-damaged skin.

Though a full-face chemical peel usually takes about an hour to complete, limited procedures take less time, after which your face will be either coated with petroleum jelly or a special mask to protect the new skin.

Post-treatment, taking extra care of your skin is crucial to maintain your desired results and make sure that you are keeping your body’s largest organ healthy and strong. Be mindful about staying in direct sunlight for too long, and always apply sunscreen as an additional precaution. Your new skin will feel sensitive for a few weeks after your medical chemical peel, but once it becomes stronger and more resilient, you will notice brighter and more youthful-looking skin in a few days.

If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment to learn more about medical chemical peels, contact Dr. Zannis Plastic Surgery today.

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