What Kind of Lipo Is the Best? Safelipo Is a Great New Way to Produce Amazing and Natural Results

There is a plethora of liposuction techniques being promoted all across the country. They all have the same fundamental principle at their core: remove unwanted fat by sucking it out.However, the exact method and instrumentation by which this is done is very different.SmartLipo uses laser assistance.Vaser uses ultrasound assistance.Coolsculpting (not an actual liposuction technique) uses cold to freeze fat.What actually works and which is the best?

Well, they all have some merits and some pitfalls.The most important point is that no single instrument is going to work for every application.I love using Smartlipo in areas like the neck because I find the skin tightening superior to any other method.But, skin tightening is more important in the neck than it is in other areas like the abdomen.

A problem that has plagued liposuction since it was first invented is the risk of contour irregularities, i.e. lumps and bumps.SAFELipo is a great new technique which specifically aims to produce more natural results and has very low likelihood of irregularities when done right.

The SAFELipo technique is as follows: it is a 3-step process of fat separation, aspiration and equalization, that combines the benefits of liposuction, fat shifting
and fat grafting. Special basket tip, fine cannulas are used to do most of the work and it is the final step of fat redistribution that fills in any irregularities and leaves the patient with such a nice, smooth result.

Talk with your plastic surgeon about the different options that might be best for you.

Dr. Zannis is a board-certified specialist in face, breast and body surgery including all types of liposuction. Find out more at www.zannisplasticsurgery.com.

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