Mommy Makeover Procedure and Recovery

What is a Mommy Makeover?  The phrase “Mommy Makeover” is usually used to refer to a procedure that includes a breast enhancement (augmentation, lift, or both) and a tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty.  It is commonly needed after having had children.  Breastfeeding history makes the breast enhancement / correction more likely to be needed.  Multiple pregnancies or history of large babies and c-sections makes the tummy tuck more likely to be needed.  Having said that, many women undergo this combination of surgeries even if they’ve never had children (ex. significant weight loss).  In fact, men sometimes do as well (gynecomastia breast reduction and tummy tuck).

The specific procedure needed will be determined at the time of your consultation based on your anatomy and your goals.


This combination procedure usually takes about 3 hours to complete and you can return home the same day.  After about a week of downtime, most patients can then return to many routine daily activities such as driving, cooking, etc.  Heavy lifting or vigorous exercise is to be avoided for at least one month after surgery.

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