Nasal Surgery – Open Incision Technique New Bern

Nasal surgery is a precise art that can be performed using a variety of surgical techniques. Each of these methods is unique and, in the right situation, incredibly effective. One technique option that may be discussed during your consultation is the open incision technique.

The open incision method involves incisions on the outside of the patient’s nose, specifically on the section called the columella. The columella is the strip of tissue found between the nostrils.

This has the positive of allowing more extensive work to be done as a result of increased access. However, it also results in post-surgical marks.

If you would like to find out more about the open incision method and if it is right for your nasal surgery, contact our office and arrange a consultation with Dr. John Zannis. Dr. Zannis, a board-certified plastic surgeon, is a skilled and experienced medical professional with numerous satisfied patients.

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