Navigating The Insurance Process For Plastic Surgery

When you’re thinking of undergoing a plastic surgery procedure, there are many considerations to keep in mind, such as how long the recovery will take, what your goals are for the procedure, and also, how you will financially cover the cost of the procedure.

Though your main focus in searching for the right plastic surgeon should be based on their qualifications, specialization, and the results you are looking for from your surgery, understanding the ins and outs of your insurance process is crucial. Depending on the procedure, it is often wise to call your insurance company ahead of your consultation to ensure that the surgeon you wish to see is in network – otherwise, you could be paying a lot more money or be unable to receive any coverage.

It’s also important to note that because many plastic surgery procedures are considered cosmetic, most insurance companies will not cover them. However, certain surgeries such as skin cancer removal, breast reconstruction, and functional eyelid surgery are often covered, as these procedures all affect your quality of life as it relates to your physical health.

Financing For Your Plastic Surgery Procedure

Since insurance companies can be finicky when it comes to covering certain procedures, Zannis Plastic Surgery offers a couple of financing options to patients who are still interested in pursuing surgery without insurance but need a viable option for paying their bill. 

The first option we offer here at Zannis Plastic Surgery is Prosper Healthcare Lending. Over 250,000 people have utilized this program before for a variety of reasons, and Prosper has become a leading financing option for those who need assistance. From longer terms for lower monthly payments to immediate decisions made for loans under $35,000, there are incredible benefits to working with Prosper for financing your procedure.

Our second financing option is through CareCredit which covers a wide range of cosmetic and health procedures and acts as a personal line of credit for procedures. Patients enjoy CareCredit for its low monthly payment options and offer of no up-front costs or pre-payment penalties.

Call Dr. Zannis To Learn More About Financial Coverage For Your Procedure

If you’re ready to undergo your plastic surgery procedure but are still concerned with how you will cover the costs, call Dr. Zannis’s office today. Our staff will answer your questions and guide you as best we can through the insurance and/or financing process.

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