Zannis Plastic Surgery

Whether it’s to reconstruct after an accident that caused a break in the nose or simply a desire to improve the overall appearance, we have many patients who come in each year wanting rhinoplasty procedures, more commonly known as nose jobs.

View the gallery images below to see before and after results from past rhinoplasty patients. If you want more information on this type of surgery or are ready to set up a consultation, call us today at (252) 633-1197 or request a consultation with Dr. Zannis.


Case #5423

Rhinoplasty – closed approach for dorsal hump reduction

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Case #5400

Rhinoplasty – open approach with dorsal hump reduction and tip refinement

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Case #4852

Open rhinoplasty with tip refinement

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Case #4285

Chin Implant & open rhinoplasty

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Case #2175

Closed Rhinoplasty – Dorsal Hump

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Case #2170

Rotate tip and hump takedown

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