Reduction Mammaplasty – New Bern Incision Options

Oversized breasts may be reduced in size and weight with the help of reduction mammaplasty, also known as a breast reduction. A patient may have several incision options when it comes to their reduction mammaplasty surgery.

Some patients benefit most from the anchor incision, also known as the inverted-T incision. This pattern consists of a circle around the areola, a vertical line down from it to the breast fold, and a curved horizontal line across the fold.

To remove a moderate amount of breast tissue, the lollipop incision is often best. This incision pattern features a circle around the areola and a vertical line downward from it to the breast fold.

Another option for those with moderate or minimal breast tissue is the donut incision, or peri-areolar incision. This involves two concentric circles surrounding the areola.

Experienced board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John Zannis will meet with you and discuss these incision options in greater detail during a breast reduction consultation. Contact us today to schedule an informative consultation.

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