The Rejuvapen Microneedling Treatment

Is your skin beginning to look weathered and worn as a result of the aging process and exposure to the elements? If so, there is a revolutionary and highly effective non-surgical solution available: Rejuvapen!

Rejuvapen microneedling is a treatment that helps your tissues produce more collagen, which has the effect of rejuvenating your skin. Nine micro-needles in a tiny device are used to create thousands of very small pores, or channels, when applied to the skin.

The micro-channels created in the skin trigger the body’s natural healing process, accelerating the production of collagen protein. More collagen helps to improve the overall quality of the skin and heal a variety of skin imperfections.

These channels are also very useful when it comes to other topical skin products. Using these products after a Rejuvapen treatment allows them to reach deeper into the skin tissues, healing the skin at various depths.

The Rejuvapen treatment prevents early signs of aging and can improve the texture of your skin. Acne marks and scars fade, the deepening of fine lines and wrinkles stops, and the skin regains its radiant glow. A treatment is able to tighten loose skin, lessen hyperpigmentation issues, and shrink oversized pores. The treatment is not meant for people who are suffering from active acne.

Rejuvapen can be used on several regions of the body. It’s an excellent treatment for the face, arms, hands, legs, back, neck, and many other areas.

This treatment is an excellent way to make your skin look naturally younger and more beautiful. The different aspects of this treatment are discussed below.

The Treatment Process

First, the target area will be cleansed of all makeup and other topical products. A numbing cream will then be applied so that the procedure can be more comfortable. You will have to wait for the cream to take full effect before the next step in the process can occur.

The needles are generally between 0.2 and 2.5mm in length, and their length is adjustable depending on your needs. The device is worked in horizontal, vertical, and diagonal motions all over the treatment region. The needle length is reduced when treating the thinner and sensitive skin around the eyes and lips and on the forehead. The treatment area will not bleed and your skin will not be damaged.

The procedure takes about half an hour. Deeper needling will help the skin heal faster, but the skin cannot tolerate deeper needling for the very first session. It takes around four sessions for the skin to get used to the needling.

After the Treatment

As minimal to no pain is experienced during or after the Rejuvapen treatment, the recovery time is quite short. You will have to apply nutrient-rich serums to your face for two days as recommended.

You will notice smoother glowing skin within two days of the treatment. Collagen will continue to be produced for the next months, creating beautiful results that keep getting better. It takes between one and three days for the treated skin to feel normal again.

Contact Us for a Consultation

Dr. John Zannis is a board-certified plastic surgeon with years of experience. Contact our office to schedule a consultation, where you will learn more about the Rejuvapen and what it can do for you.

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