What To Expect From Our Fly-in Program

Here at The Zannis Center for Plastic Surgery, we believe that beauty shouldn’t be limited by geography. If you live in a different state or country and are interested in having work done by Dr. Zannis, we will be happy to accommodate you via our fly-in program. Keep reading to learn what you should expect before, during, and after your visit.


The Virtual Consultation – We offer virtual consultations to patients who can’t physically come to our office. After you’ve sent us some photos of the area of concern and submitted your information, Dr. Zannis will carefully review your file and get back in touch to communicate his recommendations and a quote. If you choose to move forward with the procedure at our center, we’ll walk you through the next steps via phone consultation with one of your nurses. Once you’ve set a date for your surgery, we’ll send you an informational packet that covers everything you need to know about the operation in detail, including directions on what to do for pre-op prep and during the weeks and days leading up to the procedure.

The Week of Your Surgery – We recommend most patients plan to arrive 1-3 days before the day of surgery so that there is ample time to see you at our North Carolina fly-in medical spa. During this face to face consultation, you’ll have the chance to have any additional questions answered, check out some before and after photos, and meet the team members that will assist Dr. Zannis during the procedure. We’ll also provide you with any prescriptions that you’ll need to have filled for after surgery.

What to Pack – In addition to what you would normally pack for a trip, we also suggest the following items:

  • ID and insurance information
  • 4 to 5 oversized shirts that button or zip in the front
  • Loose-fitting pants that are comfortable
  • A travel-sized pillow to put between the seat/seatbelt of the plane/car after surgery
  • Cold packs/compresses and hot/cold packs


On the Day of Surgery – On the day of your procedure, you can have a friend stay with you all the way up until you’re taken back to the operating room. For select procedures, you’ll be able to leave our facility the same day to start your healing and recovery process. Other procedures (such as a facelift or abdominoplasty) require you to return to our center for a follow-up the next day. If your surgery involves drainage tubes, you’ll need to return 1 week later to have them removed.


Post-Surgery Downtime and Recovery – After your procedure is finished, you’ll be in the recovery room anywhere from half an hour to an hour, where our nurses will do everything they can to make you as comfortable as possible. If you live too far away for a follow-up appointment, you may want to think about staying in New Bern or the surrounding area while you recover. Nearby places to consider include Atlantic BeachEmerald IsleJacksonvilleBeaufortKinstonHavelock, and Morehead City, all of which are less than an hour and fifteen-minute drive away from our facility.

Following Up with Dr. Zannis – As a general rule of thumb, we suggest follow-up visits at the 1-month and 3-month marks after surgery. If you live too far away for a return visit, then Dr. Zannis will stay in communication with you via phone and email to monitor your progress. You’ll also have access to Dr. Zannis’ 

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